Tony Huynh
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Mr. Reilly


Ever since I was 4 years old I saw this monster truck at Toys ĎRí Us and wanted it so bad and my godfather said not today and I was mad the rest of the day. The next morning I woke up and found a gigantic monster truck right next to my face. I took it for a test drive and it was fast but I wanted to see if I could make it extremely fast. I decided to change the battery and I think I had an actually car battery in my toy car and it boosted up my power 10 times. Outside I raced some kids that also had toy cars and beat them.
I always enjoyed racing with anyone,í win or lose I still received the same adrenaline. When I did replace some of my performance parts I wanted to take it to another level. I changed my tires and replaced it with wide rubber wheels, rigged the wires, added dual batteries to more power, and changed the paint. As I got older my motor was worn out which was ok because I was growing and the car became small.
I next received a bike from my godparents when I was about to ask for one. It was tricked out with red everything. I added stronger brakes and other accessories to race other kids around the block. Even when I was just riding around a group of kids have seen my tricked out bike and ask me to race and I did. I was surprised I won because those kids had this type of switch to choose which speed they wanted to run, but I saw

Huynh 2 that they had no traction at high speed. Sadly when I was trying to max out in speed on my bike, I ran over a nail that popped my tire and make me crash into a fence. After that accident I was terrified,í all that hard work vanished. My dad had bought a bike with a black and silver design with a touch of purple.
The speed was decent but I changed the looks of the bike completely. It was like a show and go bike. When I visited my aunt I discovered she lived on a farm with a straight away road. I started to drag race in my bike and got the attention of other kids. I installed a power controller to boost my bike faster. My bike was made in Japan and I saw that these kids had American bike, even the old school ones. When I got older the bike was becoming small so I left it at the farm to let my little cousin to ride.
Later, my brother took me home in his Toyota Supra that was modified. I was in the passenger seat and my older brother was racing the car next to him and my body started to sink in my seat. Occantionally I asked if I could come along where ever he went and he let me. One night when I was bout 9 or 10 years old, we came home from a college party around 1 am. The streets were empty until a Porche 9/11 came side to side with my brotherís Supra. The next minute I see my brother racing him.
He was focused on the road and was pulling away from the 9/11. My brother stopped at 140mph when the Porche was left behind. My brother had modified his car for years and been through so many cars. Everyone knew that I loved to tune things up and race. I wanted to follow my brother and thatís when I discovered the life of tuning cars, engine and body work.

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What I Know

When I got older I understood that if you add power to you car, you have to install other parts to support it. For example if you have a stock car and decide to install a turbo, that means you have to balance your car with other performance parts.(Thai Nguyen). For the turbo or turbos to last longer you are going to have install a blow off valve, and an intercooler, inside or front mount would be fine. A turbo is a force introduction which will boost your hp up, when moving at a fast rate you would need better handling which means you would acquire coil over or springs and shocks, you would need better traction which will bring in the rims and tires for control. For a healthy car you would install cold air intake and exhaust for better airflow.(Thai Nguyen)
I canít compare to members of my family or my relatives but at a young age Iím learning quickly. Most of the things that I learned were by watching people. Iím a visual learner and that how I understand things faster than others. Most of the things I learned were from my oldest brother Linh. He is the one that had confidence in me. I helped him a number of times installing certain after market parts. For what I know, I didnít read any book or learned anything from any class, I just watch people that are experienced in that field and mimic their skills.
My brother said books doesnít always help, look around and see whatís what, and then go on from there. When we were installing springs on our other brotherís Toyota supra, we took off the wheels and looked at what else we had to unscrew. By looking at some parts the main one looked like a wish bone and was difficult to remove

Huynh 4 in order to put in the new springs. We look at the parts and relate it to other parts. Iím also learning about body work, so far about customizing.
I know that I would have to take certain classes like auto 1235 which is automotive theory and maintenance, auto 1335 is the braking system, auto 1355 suspension and steering, and auto 1435 automotive electric system( You can find these classes where just about any or most trade schools are located. My main resource of my knowledge is mainly visual. Id much rather just get up and do it instead of reading for an hour. I donít know much compared to my brother or dad, I donít know every detail or when I repair something or install a part I cant tell you on what to do in a very detailed way, I see and I figure out whatever goes where it is suppose to be.

What I need to know Like I said, it would be hard to tell you every single little detail on dealing with something, or telling you why your suppose to do that, I donít know Iím not a mechanic yet. Thatís a bad habit because if I wanted to be a successful mechanic then I would need to know every little detail. I also need to know more about body work. I would do both but in certain areas. I still want to know how much the salary is for being a mechanic on certain parts of the car and doing body work of the car.
I know some basic but all the facts I know are not all complete. There are also certain things I need to know to be a mechanic that I havenít focused on. For instance to be a mechanic requires a lot of math, which for some reason I cant understand math as

Huynh 5
clearly as I did when I was younger. Some of the body work I donít even know how to do. Some people use different types of styles, which is hard to understand but it works. I havenít had any info on the salaries for being a mechanic or someone who does body work.
It varies in certain areas because some places have a higher population rate and other people are into tuning up their car and then changing the body aero for their car. Different body shops or engineering garages have different technique or way that they use. Since I hate books I have to learn this from first hand experience. Even though I need to understand things from a book, I think itís tedious because some people are different and donít want to change their way of learning. Iím not quite sure that if I make a mistake that it would be easily fixed but I quite doubt that.
Later on when or if I become a mechanic I would like to start up my own garage. Iím already trying to start a drift racing team; I already have sponsorship lined up for my team to start. I can see myself as an autocross driver or a formula 1 Indy car driver. Ever since I was young I always wanted to be a race car driver and Iím hoping that I could start out small then when make it nig I can pursue my dream career. When was young some how everyone knew I loved racing and most said I would become a great driver.
Most of my relatives are in the mechanic business so I guest I grew up into this type of career. Before there wasnít many people into fixing or upgrading their cars for high performance. Now in 2003 everywhere you see someone has a car that is tuned. Since everyone or may are into high performance, mechanics and store owners have been

Huynh 7
raising their price on their work and parts. Now it depends on the person and where you go. Turbine which is forced introduction was originally invented in Japan. Not all cars are modified with that certain parts, most of the domestics car here have non turbo Na, which is all motor, the import cars such as rx-7s, supra, or saabs, are available or equipped with a turbo, there are models which are also NA. I am not quite sure when it was first invented, but I know there are turbos for aircrafts and other vehicles besides automobiles. Engine management is one of the difitcult things to learn and do, and that header and down pipes relate to it which is fairly simple, the down pipe is a pipe that starts with the filter then goes throw the down pipe for better airflow and then to the muffler, thatís why after market exausth have that high sound while your at high rpm.(Troung Nguen). The stores that relate to bodywork or tuning are Redline performance, Auto body shops, Votech, Mach performance, etc. My older brother Linh knows just about all of the stores including more which he is introducing them to me.