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Subject: Porn Mail In my Email Box.
Date: 15/4/2
Type: Ranting
Time: 10:12PM monday Night
WHAT in gods name is up with 12 porn mails in my email inbox!  They say the internet is safe and filled with nice older fat men who prey on little boys! BUT NOO!  I get a dozen of porn sites in the mail!  I have more important things to do than look at hot naked chicks for free in my email... like write this or eat cereal or play the clarinet!  anyways it bullpoo how much freakin junkmail i get! 
this is bullpoo! so much mail! not one from my friends!  i send them stuff all the times (movie review, porno site forwarding, money requests)
look at this!  :~ you cant even begin to realize how cool this is!  anyways i dont like junk mail, send me meaning email in my email