The World of Not You
The Queen and the Sorcerer (funny story haha!)
My first commic about ROBT!
The First Lunar Terrorist
Sorcerer Does The Streets(not porno)
No Bull!
Sorcerer Vs Toilet
Dream World

Futuristic Joke of the Time I updated the webpage
"Your mother is so unintelligent, she though a hard drive was a fast hovercar"


I am near sided (?) i cant see things far away very well, so i wear softlenses
AIM address:  miyog1
Real Name: Michael* Andre Massoud
* = its Michael or Micheal i still havent figured out.
House Address: just mail anything to your local congressmen named "from osama"
Phone Number: (911) 871-9912
and stuf...

Add Me!

Hi im the stoner cyber french monkey!  My signs are in french even though i was made in america!  Peut-etre est parce que mike is in french 1?  Hopefully i will be translated oneday!  If i freak you out, copy me to paint, and invert colors, im not that scary!  Happy days!  Oh ny name is monkey friend.

okay reason why i say moi is because currently i am in FRENCH 1! so j'ai parle francais... euh... un peu. okay well right now im a freshmen at del campo high school,  im currently 14 years old.  I have 2 parents, one mom one dad. (they are together) I have 2 brothers: munir, tony.  I have 1 sister: Melanie.  So thats 4 kids including me. incase i didnt say my name is mike. kthx.  I dont type with my home-row keys i just type with 3 fingers on each hand, it makes more sense... but anyways why did you come here? I DONT CARE!
Go suck on some lettuce.

so anyways about the current things..

(or some other way with the 2)  Is about this totally cool sorcerer and this totally hot chick who meet because of an ass problem who find out they love eachother before one commits sepuku!  read it!
ROBT! ROBT! ROBT! This ultimate killing... i wont go on, anyways its this robot who can only take so much shit before he snaps caz he looks normal then he totally turns into a robot and just kills for no reason!  look at it!
(or with a 1)  Its the sequel to the queen and the sorcerer!  Their on the moon and they go into the future and theres a guy with stuff... and drunken lunar people!
Basicly me just speaking freely (warning, content should not be viewed by anyone, unless you cannot read)

Okay i just Screwed up that last part somehow.. anyways
my first attempt for a drastic plot and villians. not really but its kind of humurous!  (notice the not so special effects)

Sorry for betraying you guys, but i added my page to add me caz you fools werent giving me no love! (by having your friends and anyone else go to this site, vous stupide!)

Fourth Month of the Eighth day of the Two Thousandth Second Year
 - Ya well site is up now, I'll try to keep it up.  ROBT! was created tonight! By the way ROBT! Pronounced RoBIT! (with flair!)  Anyways thee sorcerer and queen thing was an AIM conversation with : Goodens 06 Chick

Fourth Month of the Tenth Day of the Two Thousandth Second Year
HOLY SHIT!  I put together my FIRST ROBT! ANIMATED COMIC! but like, i need to get  paintshop or something to make a real animation... so anyways untill i get like $250 the ROBT! commics will just be in a normal strip like thing.  Oh ya added my Monkey.

Eleventh day of the Fourth Month of the Two thousandth Second Year.
Okay i added the preview to First Lunar Terrorist... OH! i ran a 10:52 in the mile today!  Might not seem like much but its good for me!  Oh ya im wearing a portugueese shirt, its so cool i just want to to touch it.. okay i did!  anyways i am a fan of ice tea (lemon) now!  I dont know why but its good!

Thirteenth Day of The Fourth Month Of the Two Thousandth Second Year
Ya okay!  okaypoop!  .... right, dont know where that came from.  anyways my parents went out of town on a train ride to tahoe (place to gamble/ski in mtns) and like i hope they have good time! anyways im kind of hungry!  Oh ya! why i added this is BECAUSE THE LONG AWAITED  'SORCERER TAKES ON THE STREETS' is here! ( no not porno )  Anyways he takes on all these people and he says something at the end thats really fast.. its like he cleaned up the streets i forgot!  Its kind of big but its kind of funny!

Fifteenth Day of the Fourth Month of the Two Thousandth Second Year
Okay I added NO BULL! an expansion to this site! its so cool! anyways i think im going to shoot myself in the liver because i havent went poo poo in 4 hours and im about to implode and its cold and its 10:24 and night,
Thank you.

Sixteenth Day of the Fourth Month of the Twothousandth Second Year.
Added Sorcerer And the toilet, as well as my new coool thingamagigger..

Twenty Third Day of the Fourth Month of the Two Thousandth Year
Currently im listening to a french song, I just started Futuristic joke of the day (near the top, idiot) and i think i updated no bull. no i didn't. i added "my dreams"