Dream World
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Date: 21-22 Nightime
Okay... im going to try to describe a dream, here goes something.
It started out what seemed like the future, my highschool was bombed or something, and it was turned into a military training base.  There was maybe 300 - 400 kids there, they were training in basic flight and infantry.  Anyways i was flying for the first time in my ship (will tell what it was later) and i was totally doing all these cool things, like i was a pro, so i didnt have to be in the infantry.  They tried to put me in this upside down aircraft, i was supposed to scale a 20 foot rope that was tied to the cockpit, anyways i couldnt do it so i stayed with the ship i began with.
THE SHIP: Its back was a goldish brown color, the cockpit was a whiteish blue color.  the back engine part had 3 wings, One facing up ( i guess the rudder?) and two going out, but they were bent down, like an upside down Y.  anyways when you got in, the cockpit was a type of inflatable rubber thing.  You sat in it an you put your feat on this + - thing at the end of the board were you were seated.  to the left and right of this inflatable cockpit was two levers, like things to control the speed on a boat.  You turned the one on the right to increase/decrease speed, the left one i think controled going up or down... not sure! (was dream okay stupid) anyways once you started flying the cockpit automaticly inflated.  I believe there were guns on the ship but i never fired them. (or was allowed to)
Anyways, the infantry (which was just about everyone except for my squadren of airfighters) ran across the runway to something, a road, i guess they were called for action.
I stayed at the base and ran excercises with the ships. there were these behemoth armored airplanes/tanks with no wings shooting blanks at eachother for practice or whatnot, and my squadren where flying around a canyon practicing manuevers.  Eventually I woke up and it was kind of a blurry dream and lucky i remembered this much.  But one thing i felt was a great feeling when i was flying in the small aircraft.  I can't explain it, maybe its the feeling of a fighter pilot flying in an aurora or something.