DEADLOCK: press ctrl-F1 and enter these cheats:

Frodo Gives you max. pp. in territory.
Ghoti Complete current project.
Touche Lets you see all the videos.
Make it so Just about what you need to win the game };-) Cheats Dont Work In Multi-Player

DEADLOCK 2: press Ctrl-F12 and enter these cheats (note cheats do not work in campaign or Multi-Player)

PILE IT ON-adds resources
Q40-reseach every thing
GREEBLIE-research current project
WALL2WALL-max. population
LEO-Show stuff in enemy teritory
BIGBRO-veiw any territory
CHARISMA-be freinds with all computers
S-MART-Skirineen apear imedaitly
SQUISH-win game