Nedstat Counter Deadlock2 is a hard hitting strategy game with MAJOR specail effects that will blow you back to mommy! as you cammand 1 of 7 diffrent alien races you must build a strong empire. You must also manage resources, military, money, and your populations' morale. Deadlock2 takes you to the top of sience-fiction in gaming. You can chose to play by LAN, modem or single player. With campains and a map editor You will be busy for hours!

Cheats for Deadlock and Deadlock2:
Deadlock: press ctrl-F1 and enter these cheats: Frodo fives you max. pp. in territory. Ghoti complete current project. Touche Lets you see all the videos. Make it so Just about what you need to win the game };-) (these Coeats Dont work in multiplayer)
Deadlock2: press Ctrl-F12 and enter these cheats (note cheats do not work in campaign or Multi-Player
PILE IT ON-adds resources Q40-reseach every thing GREEBLIE-research current project WALL2WALL-max. population LEO-Show stuff in enemy teritory BIGBRO-veiw any territory CHARISMA-be freinds with all computers S-MART-Skirineen apear imedaitly SQUISH-win game If you have any more please e mail me

Micheal Massoud
Sacramento, CA 95628
United States