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Age Of Empires Introduction

Age of Empires is a very fun fun game. You get to raise a stone age tribe to become one of the mighteist empires in the world.


Cheats and hints

Photon Man :gives you a guy with gun note: you must have a town center

E=mc2 Trooper :gives you guy with rocket Launcher

BigDaddy :gives car with rocket launcher

Bigbertha :must click on a catapult and enter it thou,makes BIG Cattapult

Pepperoni Pizza :gives 1000 food

Coinage :gives 1000 gold

Query :gives 1000 stone

Woodstock :gives 1000 Wood (not morning wood LOL )

Jack Be Nimble :gives your catapult to fire vilagers and cows

Medusa :makes villagers turn to medusas but they do the same things like building and working ,but when they die they turn into a black rider then a Catapult....


When you build houses you should build them around your town centers and leave an opening 2 times it helps when defending. Also Use towers near your town center(s)

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